De Maupertuis The degree measurements by de Maupertuis in the Tornionlaakso Valley 1736-1737
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The hidden knowledge of Käymäjärvi Lake

The hidden knowledge of Lake Käymäjärvi

Outhier does not describe the local beliefs in greater detail. He does mention, however, that the mist rising from the lakes was considered to be spirits and they were called genii. On the river Tornionjoki a big being, a creature of a kind, had been witnessed and it was called genius-spirit, but others called it the Bear that lay waiting on the river to capsize boats and to devour people in them.

In April 1737 de Maupertuis together with Mr Celsius made an excursion along the western side of the river up to Lake Käymäjärvi to see a special kind of monument of which much had been told about. The local people believed the stone contained knowledge unknown for them. They made the strenuous journey of 25 - 30 French miles (110 - 130 km) in a sled and found the snow covered stone with the help of their Lapp guides. Celsius, astronomer and well informed about the runes, could not cipher out the signs on the stone. Both gentlemen accurately copied the engraved lines on the stone. De Maupertuis ponders long about the origins of the lines in his journal. He is convinced that the writing dates back to times of a milder climate in the region.

The Tornionlaakso year book 1977:

The runes (s. 149)

Käymäjärven riimukirjoitus
The runes of Kymäjärvi
(The Tornionlaakso year book 1977)

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