An adventure to the outskirts of Europe

In the spring and summer of the year 1799 Italian Guiseppe Acerbi with his party wandered through Finnish and Lappish wilderness to the North Cape (Nordkapp), the northernmost tip of Europe. The journey through Lapland took its course to Tornio via Oulu and Kemi. From Ylitornio where the road ended at that time the expedition continued by boats up the river Tornionjoki. From Köngäs on the party travelled along the difficult river Muonionjoki up to Palojoki. Before reaching Kautokeino the expedition had crossed the marshy border area by foot. Acerbi and Skjöldebrand arrived at the North Cape (Nordkapp) by sea through the Alattio fjord on the 19th of July in the unreal midnight sunlight.

Three years later Acerbi published a comprehensive volume in English in which he described the nature, people and customs of Finland. The publication was meant to be a sensation so it attracted great attention already at the time of its publication. For later generations Acerbi has stayed in history as the first foreigner who made all the way from Tornio to the North Cape by land and wrote a journal of his travels.

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