Pirttikoski 1956-57

The objective of the plan in Pirttikoski was to arrange the environment around the long-time construction site of a power plant so that it could, after the power plant was com-pleted, serve the people who will be staying in the area. In the plan the municipal office and shops were placed in the highest point of the area near the traffic routes. Two long house masses, a kindergarten and a primary school as well as chapel were drawn be-neath them. The ribbons of sites for single family houses were placed parallel with the slope.

Rovaniemi rural municipality purchased land at Pirttikoski area for public buildings and dwellings. Aalto's office had drawn inexpensive standard houses to the area, which were intended to be built also during the construction period of other power plants.

Accordingly, the design of Aalto's office for single family house area with narrow sites was not any success in the area where people had used to spacious living environment and the plan was eventually dropped.

Pirttikosken asuinrakennus

In 1997 there was one house in the area
that was designed by Aalto.


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