Rovaniemi, 1956-58

Tapiola market town inspired the production of residential area of Korkalorinne. Between 1958 and 1961 two four storey buildings - Rakovalkea, Poroelo - and three row houses - Korkalo, Lapinjänkä, Karpalo - as well as shopping centre and heating plant was built in the area. The Korkalorinne is situated in the area, which in the Reindeer Antler plan was defined as an area for hexagonal small-house sites.

Korkalovaaran kerrostalo

Korkalorinteen arkkitehtuuria

LiitosIn the planning of the area, there was aimed that all the proper family dwellings were placed in row houses or in single-family houses. The blocks of flats which were intended for single-dwelling units are sited in the terrain so that they protect the garden-like yard area from the northern cold. The diagonal direction of the blocks of houses was expressly explained by the specific nature of Lapland's lighting condition. The dwellings are facing south as much as possible so that during the darkest periods of the year the dwellings would get the maximum of sun light.

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