Kemijärvi 1926-29

During the renovation of the Kemijärvi church (1832) completely new parish hall was built between the chancel and the north cross arm. The nave was accentuated by the tongue and groove boarding and the altar recess and chancel as well as organ loft were rear-ranged. Various shades of grey were the primary colours in the church. The solemnity of the church was brought about with sparse details, the effect of which was accentuated by neutral background. Lighting fixtures and textiles acquired for the renewed interior made up most of the decorations.

Aalto wanted to create the church exceptionally light to counterbalance the polar night. Lighting was arranged both with candles and electric lights by Danish designer Poul Hen-ningsen. The old chandelier was saved and new chandeliers, wall lights and altar candle-holders were designed in Aalto's office to add to the assembly.

The Kemijärvi church that reflected Aalto's transitional period was destroyed during the Lappish war in 1944.

Kemijärven kirkko

"Warm and soft atmosphere may have special value in the eyes of church goers especially when its freezing cold in the winter and people come to church from long distances."

Aalto, 1920-luku


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