Front Page

1. Aalto in Lapland
Alvar Aalto in Lapland

2. Architecture in Rovaniemi
Library Building
Lappia Hall
Town Hall
Buildings for the Aho Family
Korkalorinne Residential Area
Rovaniemi Reconstruction Plan

3. Elsewhere in Lapland
Restoration of the Kemijärvi Church
Buildings for Atri Ltd. in Sirkka, Kittilä
Building Plan for Pirttikoski
Kemi Civil Guard Building
Regional Plan for Lapland

4. Lapland in Aalto
Thoughts about Aalto´s Architecture in Lapland

5. Lisätietoja
Curriculum vitae

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Text: Leena Lohiniva, Rovaniemi Art Museum

Main source for the sext: Päivi Lukkarinen, Aalto Lapissa - Alvar Aallon Lapin tuotanto. Gummerus 1998.

Pictures: Martti Kapanen, Mervi Autti

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NThis web site is a part of Lapinkävijät - Nornic Culture in Pictures -project. The participants are Lapin maakuntakirjasto, Pellon kunnankirjasto, Tornion kaupunginkirjasto, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Lapin maakuntamuseo, Gold Museum, Tornion maakuntamuseo, University of Lapland and Arctic Centre. The purpose of the project is to collect a multimedia data bank about Nordic cultural material.