Aalto was a pioneer of the regional planning in Finland and his work in Lapland concen-trated in the valleys of Kemijoki and Ounasjoki. The aim was to expand the planning area to comprise whole Lapland. This was though never succeeded.

Lapland's regional plan project resulted in a group of guiding master plans designed in Aalto's office for the areas of some municipalities, an experimental village plan and a con-struction plan and standard houses for Pirttikoski. The master plans for the built-up areas of Jaatila and Muurola in Rovaniemi rural municipality and for the parish villages of Kemi-järvi, Kittilä and Pelkosenniemi were completed in summer 1955. The master plan for Ro-vaniemi market town was finished two years later.

The work of regional planning implied also the studying of various forms of living in Lap-land. Aalto thought that scattered settlement was to be avoided in Lapland by building up reasonably inexpensive clusters of settlements which could be provided with the same services and housing facilities as the built-up areas. This "experimental village" was not realized though the decision in principle for building the model community was made. The drawings of the village were never found.

Muurolan yleiskaava

General Plan of Muurola

Tornion asemakaavaluonnos

around 1945

In Tornio, Aalto wanted to preserve the fine form of town as well as the old church and the birch forest that located next to it. Behind the church ground he suggested to be located a sports field. This would have formed a central park that had created a connection to the river Tornionjoki.

Single-family houses and sites were to be placed near the centre. In one of Aalto's sketches the sites are hexagonal as in Reindeer antler plan of Rovaniemi, that he de-signed during that time.

The plan was never finished.


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