Jaakonkatu 3

Koskikatu 18 1958-59
Koskikatu 20 1960-62
Jaakonkatu 3 1962-63

The three red-brick apartment and business houses of the Aho family of tradesmen are all located in the same quarter. The two buildings at the Koskikatu build up an integrated complex. The ground floors of the buildings had shop premises, the three upper storeys originally apartments. Nowadays most of them work as offices.

Koskiadun punatiiltäIn the exteriors of the buildings red brick is used cleverly: the unheated attic floor are marked by using gable slats, window louvers are made of drainage pipes. The plinths are made of black granite.

Aalto designed to the solid wall surface of the house in Koskikatu 20a a bronze sculpture, Aurora Borealis. The motifs of the two part piece are northern lights and jumping salmon. Aurora borealis is the only outdoor sculpture, based directly on Aalto's sketch, that is closely linked up with the building he has designed.

MAISON AHO, Rovaniemi

Aarne Aho's private house is designed for a family with a private collection of art. Maison Aho is situated in a spacious garden like milieu and has, like many other private houses of Aalto, closed and concealed exterior. Interior on the other hand is both cosy and festive.

patsasIn the ground floor the large living room is narrowing towards the dining room. A partition wall separates from the entrance hall adjoining a living room, a canted corridor that that leads to more private rooms and to the staircase downstairs. A slightly curved wall, em-phasised by an undirect light from above, offers peaceful background for the works of art.

The floor-plan of the house is slightly fan shaped. Lounge is situated in the most spacious point of the fan form and opens up towards the garden through a bay window in the west corner.

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